Free boxes

Free boxes

Clicking on this icon    Free boxes    in the Structure tab will allow you to manage Free boxes.


You can :

  • See the free boxes list
  • Create a new free box
  • Hide one or some free boxes
  • Modify the content of a free box
  • Delete a free box
  • Duplicate a free box
  • Sort the list of free boxes according to IDs or description in upwards or downward order.

Create a free box:


In all fields, you must either make a selection or put a content. For the height of the box, 0 allows you to display all the contents of the box, 200px allows you to display a height of 200px and a link to click "Read more".

For the title of a free box, you can avoid displaying it by adding the § character in front of the title, for example §Edito.
Finally you select the location of your free box, but according to its contents!

Reminder : the number of free boxes is unlimited !!!

In the editor, type the contents of your box, text, images, slideshows, etc...


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