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Icons menu

Icons Menus

Clicking this icon in the Structure tab   Menu Icônes will take you to the page Manage the additional menu icons.

This feature of GuppY allows you to create and add extra icons to the default ones in the navigation menu of your site. Each icon matches an internal or external URL in your site.

Please note : Menu icons already available by default in Guppy are to be activated or deactivated, named or renamed in Sections Config. Services related to these icons are to be activated and configured in Services Config .



Creating a new menu icon:



In the example: "Migration GuppY 6" points to the article Migration in v6 concerning the migration procedure.

For the various fields, you select or add to complete them.

For the ID field, the mini-bubble gives you the information, a simple 001 is enough for the first menu icon and you can put 002 for a second.
For the link to the article, this addition is sufficient: articles.php?lng=en&pg=133.

For the choice of pages :

  •  Select a page to display, as you wish, in the example "All pages".
  •  Select a page for the execution of a sub-page of the demo database in the example "3 - articles_faq-telech". If you install the GuppY 6 pack you will be able to do this configuration.
  •  Choice of the opening of the link, in the example, "in the same window".


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