Send a newsletter

Send a newsletter

Clicking on this icon, in the Data management tab:    Sending a newsletter      will allow you to send a newsletter:


Vous can:

  • See the newsletters' list
  • See the contents of the selected newsletter by clicking on the desired link.
  • Test the sending of that newsletter, which wil mean sending it to the webmaster.
  • Select the addressees
  • Send the newsletter

Send the newsletter:


After selecting the newsletter to be sent, you can test the sending, then select the subscriber group, "All subscribers" or another group according to your choice before clicking on "Send this newsletter".

Reminder :

  • To be correctly authenticated by the server and not be classified as spam, it is imperative to use a domain e-mail address.
  • You can check the email address in Admin/General Setup/ Webmaster Info then Webmaster Email.


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