Migration procedure v6

Migration procedure in version 6

The migration is only possible for sites in version 5.03.03, if you have another version 5, you must apply the cumulative patch or the non-cumulative patch to upgrade to 5.03.03, for sites in version 4 you must first migrate to version 5 before you can migrate to version 6.

Migration can only be done locally, you need to install a local web server and we recommend Wamp.

You must follow this procedure step by step:

  1. Install Wamp by following this tutorial available on the GuppY Help Center,
  2. Create a directory in www de Wamp and put a copy of the backup of your site in it, then add the Virtual Host,
  3. Display the site, select the local url in admin/general config and go to admin/general administration to perform one or more integrity checks, there should be no errors, don't forget to disable url-rewriting in data/config/config.inc line 42: remove the "on" like - this: $site['URLR'] = stripslashes(""); // URL rewriting
  4. Still in www de Wamp, create another directory and decompress the complete GuppY v6.00.xx package there, then add the Virtual Host,
  5. Display the site, for the creation of the member who will be the main administrator, you give the username, the password and the email of the main administrator in v5,
  6. Select the local url in admin/general config,
  7. Enter admin and click on Install,
  8. Follow the instructions and select "make a clean installation".
  9. Then select and migrate the data from your v5 site following the instructions,
  10. Check if the following folders are transferred correctly by comparing the number of files and the volume:

      - admin/plugins,
      - data/dbdocs, data/plugins, data/users
      - documentation/plugins,
      - file
      - img
      - pages
      - photo
      - plugins
  11. For the Admin section:

     - open Boxes config and Home/Blog config to change the widths from percentages to number of columns, at Blog you have to select the blog boxes on the left or on the right. Each side column is fixed to 3 columns, there are 9 columns available with a box column, each row is divided into 12 columns.

    For example, you replace 100% with 12, 50% with 6, 30% with 3... Don't forget to save the config on the User Box Config page and on Home/Blog Config.

    - check the services and save the configuration of each service,

    - in Configurations: - for each skin in version 5.03.03 that you import, go to Config Look to save the configuration,

    - then to Config style to update the :
       - styleplus.css
       - mobstyle.css
       - stylepageN.css files (N corresponds to the number of subpages)
         you can use the skin6-guppy-03 files for the update.

    - make an update of the plugins

  12. Delete Install: check the deletion of the installation files, if necessary delete the install directory manually,

To finish, put the migrated site online in v6 and select the url in admin/general config.

Your site with GuppY 6 is online and functional on smartphones, tablets and computers !


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