Subpages configuration:

Mobile-First" development implies always having in mind the mobile display and the weight of the pages for the fastest possible display whatever the size of the screen.
In the demo database, we propose you a configuration with a main page and 5 subpages, this is only an example of configuration!

For the main page, usually the home page, avoid :

  • that your site is just a page with extensions that will inevitably be too heavy,
  • that the loading of your site is too long... and the visitor will have gone elsewhere
  • that the layout is not airy enough.

We chose a layout without side boxes, to keep only the essentials in the center of the page and a few boxes at the bottom of the page.

For subpages, the main criterion is the volume of a page, a heading, or even a category or subcategory.
For example, you have a lot of photos on your site so a lot of galleries, it is interesting to create a subpage for the photo galleries. Attention: a gallery is a maximum of 50 photos especially if you make a presentation with Unite-Gallery!

  1. subpage 1: Blog
  2. subpage 2: News - Photos
  3. subpage 3: Articles - FAQ - Downloads
  4. subpage 4: Forum - Links - Guestbook
  5. subpage 5: Agenda - Newsletter - Contact

Here, this is not the case, but your choice will first have to meet the main criterion with the aim of having a fast display!

The configuration of the boxes for each subpage :

  • You have a configuration of boxes for each part of the page Top, Center and Bottom with the possibility to copy a configuration or to select different boxes according to your choice, depending on the theme of the page,
  • You can customize the display with stylepageX.css files (one file per page, stylepage1.css...) where you add the customizations for the concerned page,

Be careful when changing lines for example: .T0entrow0 becomes .T1entrow0 for subpage 1, then .T2entrow0, .T3entrow0, .T4entrow0, .T5entrow0 for the following ones.

Please note:

it is always important in a concern of speed in mobile to respect this organization, knowing that for each page the loaded css files are style.css, styleplus.css, mobstyle.css and stylepageX.css,

The unalterable style.css file contains the rules from Config look, the styleplus.css file and the mobstyle.css file are the global customization files,

The stylepageX.css files are the individual customization files for each subpage, in which it is always possible or even preferable to put both web and mobile customizations.


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