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Editor doesn't show.

 CK editor doesn't show and you see instead a message of your browser :


Likely cause : bad setting of website URL, following the installation of new Guppy for example in local or on-line or further to a change of host.

Go to general config and verify the URL : the URL shown there has to match your site URL.
If it's not the case, Guppy SHOWS you the recommended URL in 2 areas, site URL and Meta Identifier URL


Click the pink banner.
The 2 areas are automatically updated .
Your address must to end with a.
Click to register.

You must connect with your admin pseudo.

CK Editor will check  GuppY config data match with cookie data on PC.

If here's a differece, CK Editor will not show for security reasons.

In that case, you have to log off to deleter the cookie, and then you log in again with your admin pseudo and password in the Preferences box.

And now, FCK editor will show.

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