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The new search engine possibilities

The user enters an expression made of one or several words (no limit).

The engine searches, among the selected documents, those which contain these words, and gives a grade to every document. Zero if no word is found, a positive grade if at least one word is found. The more words are found, higher is the grade. This grade is used for sorting out the results found. When the grade is equal, the most recent documents are put in the first place.

The grade of the first occurrence of a word depends on the position of this word in the expression keyed in. It means that it is necessary to place the most significant words first to obtain a grade all the more relevant.

The repetition of a word in the page increases the grade, but much less than the first occurrence of a word.

What's more, the search engine enables to look for a string made of several words placed between quotation marks (") as a unique word. For example: the research of " plugin slideshow. " gives a result different from searching  the plugin slideshow. Words and expressions can be combined between quotation marks.
Forbidden characters: ^ []. +? * () $­­­­. They will be ignored as you key in your search.

Badly placed quotation marks or not paired are suppressed before the research.

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