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Increasing opening time of the image-insert popup window.

Release 4.5.0 et 4.5.1

You have only to change the timeout value in the body of admin/listimg1, listimg.php and listimg2.php which is fixed on 5000 thousandth (5s).
Just put the value you want in the three files .

Line 47 of admin/listimg1.php
bgcolor="" leftmargin="7" topmargin="5" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" onblur="javascript:setTimeout('window.close();',5000);">

To increase this value in red in the three files.

Release 4.5.2

The value of the timeout was carried at 20 seconds (instead of 5).
To note: The files listimg1.php and listimg2.php are not used any more (they can be removed).

Creation date : 15/02/2005 @ 09:00
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