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Easyphp: How to make GuppY work with easyphp 1.7.

Guppy can work with easyphp 1.7 but you need to restore the parameters that were in the version 1.6 and worked good with GuppY

Only too parameters have changed they are :
register_globals and error_reporting

To modify them, you have to edit the file called php.ini, for windows XP you find it in the folder fileseasyphp1-7apache.

For more security, make one save from the file before changing it.

1st step
open php.ini with an editor and go to line 380 called :
register_globals = Off

Replace it with :
register_globals = On

2nd step :
go to line 277 called :
;error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE
dellete the ; in the front to activate the line.
so that to get :
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

3rd step :
Go to line 285 called :
error_reporting = E_ALL
add one ; in the front to desactivate the line.
You’ll obtain that :
;error_reporting = E_ALL

don't forget to save before leaving.

Il you’ve correctly modified the files, you’ll use easyphp 1.7 to use GuppY in local.

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