Copyright GuppY V5

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Copyright Guppy V5

Guppy is protected by the CeCILL license which means to follow our recommendations concerning our Copyright Guppy CMS V5.0 and later:

  • Powered by Guppy logos and CeCILL Free License that come in packs and patches are required Guppy bottom of each page of the sites under Guppy . They should not be masked by whatever methods it (CSS , images, videos, code editing , logos tonal or other ) .

The only authority is to change the shapes and colors of these logos to adapt them to the design of the site in question without making little or not visible .

  • Logo Powered by Guppy must lead through the link associated with the url
  • Logo CeCILL Free License must lead through the link associated with the url
  • Plugins , forks and skins must include header files under the CeCILL license and complying with the rules thereof .

An exception is made for the author who submits his work to any license. In this case it is the copyright and intellectual property that applies .

  • Translations of files or other languages ​​are mandatory under the original so CeCILL.
  • Translations and various FAQ documents and must also necessarily be in the original so CeCILL.
  • All times article , new , ticket , to faq , various documentation or post on the forum or satellite sites under the control of the GuppYTeam and Asso freeGuppY should include a citation source with a direct link to the original.

In case of dispute and in accordance with the CeCILL is the section below that applies :


13.1 The Agreement is governed by French law. The Parties agree to attempt to settle amicably all disputes or disputes that may occur as a result or in connection with the Contract.

13.2 Failing an amicable solution within two ( 2) months of their occurrence, and unless circumstances under an emergency procedure , the disagreements or disputes shall be referred by either Party to the competent Courts Paris .

The GuppYTeam and Asso freeGuppY

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