How to get a box Editorial

Creating an Editorial

Go to Admin/Structure/Free Boxes

1. Create a box named Editorial; if you type §Editoril, this title will show to the visitor.

2. Then go to Homepage Config to choose the location of the editorial.

3. Type §§ before the title of your Editorial box: §§Title of the Editorial Box.

4. In the table shown below, do not forget to to tick the box Editorial.

Write the title of the free box :

Places where the free box can be set


- A § will hide the title of  box.
- Two §§ will show the title of the Editorial  and the Welcome to...
- There's no page footer anymore, not anymore than Editorial or Special box.

All boxes are Free boxes. As far as Editorial and/or page foorter are concerned, suffices it to prefix the title with §§ and to put them in their chosen location : Editorial in Configuration/Homepage Config and page footer in bottom part of Boxes Config.


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