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FAQ GuppY v 5.02.xx

Here you will find FAQs on Guppy version 5.02.xx.


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These FAQs address issues related to hosting and the system in general.


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Set up your site locally

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Local installation on your PC

Some explanations to prepare a GuppY site with demo content, to try it out:

  1. Download the guppy502xx. zip file ( to your PC.
  2. To work, GuppY needs PHP 5.6 at least.
  3. Unzip this guppy502xx. zip file with your favorite decompression program (7zip, winzip...) into a directory on your PC.
  4. If you want to try GuppY on your PC before putting it online, install a local web server (e. g. a "set" like Wampserver - on your PC and copy your GuppY directory into the www directory of Wamp, then launch Wamp... and your website will run locally on your PC.

    On this link, you will find a tutorial to install Wamp on your PC.
  5. The first time you go to your site's home page, the system is configured to accept a member's registration.

    You must register as a member in the "Preferences" box, by clicking on "Become a member", you fill in the form fields and register.

    This first member will be the lead director. It is imperative to log out before attempting an Admin connection to the site
  6. You go to admin by clicking on the Admin button, you have a warning for the configuration of your site:

    You go to admin/config general to modify the url of your site, you click it will be http://nomduvirtualhost/ i.e. the name of the directory of your site in www de Wamp,

    You go to admin/config services and you add the nickname of the first member who will be the main administrator and you register. It's imperative too! (Otherwise you will no longer have access to the admin).

    GuppY displays a message "You do not have access to the administration. If you are not logged in as a member with the appropriate rights, please do so, otherwise please contact the primary administrator."

    Just below you click on "HOME PAGE".
  7. When you return to the home page, you return to the Preferences box, you will see "Reconnect", you reset the first member's username and password, and then you click Send.

    Now you must see "Logout" and "Admin", you click on "Admin" and you arrive in Admin to continue the configuration of your site.
  8. Congratulations, you have successfully installed GuppY!

Clean installation

The clean installation allows you to remove demo content and start with a nice GuppY site free of any content.

The starting point of this clean installation is possible, anywhere between the first installation and the state of your demo database at the time you decide, with its contents that you have been able to modify for your tests.

What you need to know:

This installation will destroy all the contents of the database but keep the settings you have been able to make in the different configuration zones on the administration page.

You click on "Admin" in the horizontal menu, then on "Install" in yellow and at the top left of the Administration page, select "Clean installation" and follow the instructions.

Congratulations, your website is ready to work with a blank database, you still have to add your content!

A popup appears when you arrive on the administration page: this means that GuppY detects the presence of the install directory.

Just click on the "trash can" icon to start deleting the installation directory and follow the instructions that appear.

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You are here :   Welcome » Set up your site locally
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