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00. Preamble (PLEASE READ IT ALL!)          

Welcome to version 5.0.0 of GuppY, the easy web portal  database free.

Version 5.0.0 of GuppY is not just a plain evolution but a full-fledged revolution for this major new version brings quite a lot of new features in all respects.

Must have additionnal documents to this readme file:

  1. GuppY Help Centre gatjers together online help, FAQ and tutorials, don't hesitate to refer to it!
  2. Online help: in every section of admin, you can see in the top right hand-side corner, an icon (interrogation mark). The help text of the section will show at a click of this icon. If you wish, you may integrate this help into your site.
  3. The FAQ will deal with very common questions to give some simple explanations.
  4. In other cases, you will be guided by a tutorial through the steps to take.

Please read CAREFULLY  all instructions material provided before you ask a question on the GuppY forum available on Guppy site (

Why is this so? Simply because more than 90% of questions asked on GuppY forum have been answered in the help texts. And please, before you post your question on the forum, don't forget to check whether it has not already been dealt with.

All technical questions should be posted exclusively on the forum.
This has the advantage of allowing the whole community of GuppY users to share in your question and make the most of given answers.

As far as thanks and other nice comments are concerned, think of the Guest book on freeGuppY website ... Thank you so much!

Eventually, if you do need to write us for some other reason than technical, please use the email addresse guppy[at] which is available to all GuppY Team staff.

Enjoy your reading!

GuppY Team

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You are here :   Welcome » Readme
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