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Comment tags

By default, articles are sorted first by category and then by title, and again in alphabetical order.
Here are some alternative ranking solutions.


Default alphabetical ranking is mostly relevant, but for chronological presentation, such as "Introduction, Development and Conclusion," will be a nonsense since the Conclusion thus precedes the Introduction. In such cases, therefore articles will be numbered in the order you wish to see them.

This numbering is problematic though: for indeed, if we number the articles as follows: 1, 2, 3, when you get to 10, Article No.10 is sorted before Article 1. To avoid this, it is necessary to number the articles as follows: 01, 02, 03. Unfortunately, this numbering doesn't look quite nice. So that alphabetical ranking might however be prefered: a), b), c). Each section will then be limited to a list of 26 articles (which is already a lot!).

The "trick" for comment tags

But these ranking operators take up too much space in the narrow article boxes. Fortunately, there is a miraculous alternative, suggested by a Russian speaker on the old Aldweb's miniPortail forum.

It consists in hiding the numbers in comment tags [! - 01 -], replacing the [] with <>. Classification shall be effected as well for your convenience, but covertly. This trick is providential!

Articles can be classified not only within a topic, but same can done with the topics themselves (or categories of articles). The most difficult thing is to insert a new item from a list of other already established: you must then change all of the numbering under that particular heading.

Attention: you have opted for a closed and not followed numbering, instead of numbering your articles on an ongoing basis 01, 02, 03 ..., number them with an increment of 5 or 10 (05, 10, 15, 20. ..) by not starting with 01, to give you the opportunity to add an item or a new haeding before the first actual one. It becomes easier to insert an article between two others without having to renumber all of your articles.

It goes without saying that this is only valid if you hide your numbers in a comment tag.

If you have opted for apparent numbering, you can not afford to use this tip..

Attention: comment tag html does not support any error (<!--10-->), nothing fancy and not the least, if it is insured and a lot more time to mess reorder the time spent checking out!

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