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Body of document

We will configure the Body of the document:


We will go into more detail on this heading, the same principles being repeated in all the headings.

The body of the document is the equivalent of body, that is to say the background of the site, in relation to the page, and everything that will be displayed on the page.

  • Cast iron: the type of texts, you can choose between 7 families of fonts, here the second one is selected,
  • Style: choice between Normal, Bold text, Italic text, Normal is the right choice for text,
  • Size: 14px, 15px or 16px are the sizes for text, 15px is chosen,
  • Text color: a dark color on a light background and vice versa, #404040 or #000000 is suitable,
  • Background: This is the background color that will be displayed everywhere in the background if there is no image to display.
  • Apart from the different images or colors, the rest of the background is filled with this color,
  • Background image: for this skin, no image selection, we will do it in Parallax Pages.
  • Fixed: by ticking allows to fix the site background, only the page moves, not the background,
  • Repeat: choice between No, X+Y, X, Y. In plain text, No = no repetition, X+Y= horizontal and vertical repetition, X = horizontal repetition, Y = vertical repetition,
  • Warning, if you put X+Y has an image, it will cover the whole background of the site,
  • Position: 3 choices, TOP, CENTER, BOTTOM according to your image and your choice, depending on your choice
  • Footer: possibility to put an image and choice for repetition.


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