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Update GuppY skins compatible with Config Look Config

To update GuppY skins, the easiest way is to use a skin compatible Config look for your site.

Config look compatible means that the style. css file is fully configured in Config look, no field in any field is empty, except for "Display javascript banner disabled" and Fixed if your site background is not fixed, and all customization of the display is saved in the styleplus. css file of the skin.

Customization is your personal changes that can't be saved with Config look, nothing else to not overload the styleplus and slow down the display of your site.


1 - If you are in this case, you have nothing to do, after installing the patch 5.01.03, you will have to go to admin/configurations then Config look and click on "Generate Style" to update your skin. All new classes will be saved in your style. css file.

Then one or more times, Ctrl + F5 or F5 depending on your browser to refresh the page and have a normal display.

A check of the display will allow you to see the small adjustments to be made in the styleplus. css. For example, for the flag, vertical alignment:

Attention, customization additions can modify the normal display provided in the style. css file, for example a padding: 0; whereas the padding of the same class is well defined in the style. css.

This is the simplest case!!

2 - Your skin is compatible with Config look:

but some Config look fields are empty, you have to fill them with correct values, all skins in the GuppY 5.01.02 package are fully compatible.

You can go to admin/configurations and then Config look to take an example of one of the skins in the pack.

but you have made changes in the skin's style. css file, you have to report the changes in the styleplus. css file, check the fields filling of all config look fields and lastly a click on "Generate Style".

Now your skin must be completely compatible!!

3 - Your skin is compatible with Config look, no empty fields, no changes in the style. css file but you have kept the name no_skin:

in this case you rename your no_skin in Config look with the name of your choice to make it fully compatible.

Your skin is not compatible with Config look:

1 - You must adapt your skin to make it compatible with Config look, i. e. all the. css style must be configured by filling in the fields of all the headings of Config look, add your customization in the file styleplus. css, and to apply your modifications, click on "Generate Style".

If you have this display in Config look, you need to edit the skin. inc file of your skin and delete $mod_css = "off"; to access Config look.

Then check the mobstyle. css file to make sure that you have the latest version for mobile display.

This represents a lot of work, and some mastery of the css style sheets and Config look, but it is essential to keep your skin and make the update.

2 - Another simpler solution is to start with a skin compatible Config look and adapt it to your needs, your tastes, your colors.

You start with your changes in Config look, then customize in styleplus and adapt mobstyle for your colors.

We recommend this solution, which allows you to start from a sound and compatible base, with only modifications to make including in the styleplus. css file, especially for fonts and colors.

Now your skin must be compatible with Config look.


you should not try to upgrade if your skin is not Config look compatible, - you should not try to upgrade your skin if your skin is not Config look compatible, - you should not update your skin.

we formally advise against a manual update of the skin style. css file,

On the GuppY Help Center, the tutorial for using Config look will be updated quickly to help you item by item.

We are aware of the changes, the modifications to be made, but also of the investment that a skins editor represents, such as Config look for the future, for updating skins with a single click or almost.

The entire team will be at your side to help you make this important update.

Tutorial by Papinou for the GuppY Team - May 2016 - CeCILL Free License

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