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FAQ GuppY v 5.01.xx

Here you will find FAQs on Guppy version 5.01.xx.

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These FAQs address issues related to hosting and the system in general.


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Our partner Nuxit offers a free Firewall (WAF) for standard accommodation (Pack Mutu Perso, Pack Mutu Pro, Pack Mutu Illmité) and Performance accommodation (Pack Mutu Performance 1, Pack Mutu Performance 2, Pack Mutu Performance 3, Pack Mutu Performance 4).

If you have pre-existing hosting, you need to upgrade to enable the firewall, as is the SSL certificate for accessing your site securely in HTTPS.

Activation is simple

You connect to the Nuxit console manager of your online space,
Click on "Accommodation" and then click on "Subdomains".

In the displayed page, you go to the topic: List of subdomains / Virtual hosts.

You click the pencil icon in front of the name of your domain or subdomain and the subdomain edit page appears:


As you can see on the screenshot, you check "Firewall", select "Enabled", and then at the bottom of the editing frame you click "Edit".

After a few minutes, the firewall will be active for this subdomain.

The firewall (WAF) is a mod_security protection that you can enable for each domain and subdomain.

It is an application firewall integrating the OWASP policy set to protect your site from known application attacks, especially against sites using a CMS like GuppY.

Our thanks to the Nuxit team for their availability, for their help and to take into account our requests to enable the activation of the firewall with GuppY 5.02

We recommend activation of the firewall, activation of the SSL certificate for the security of your sites.

Recent attacks show that on security issues, one must be very vigilant even if this causes some inconvenience.

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You are here :   Welcome » How to activate the firewall (WAF) at Nuxit ?
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