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Overview Gallery UG

Presentation of the Galerie Unite Gallery!

Unite Gallery is a jQuery plugin to display responsible photo and video galleries. This plugin was created by Valiano - Copyright (c) 2015 Max Valiano -

We propose you an adaptation of our friend Saxbar for the complete integration of Unite Gallery in GuppY 5.02.02 with the corresponding Administration section.

The end user doesn't have a line of code to put for the gallery operation, just upload his photos, videos and choose a theme, a default configuration with the possibility to customize for each theme.

Unite Gallery replaces in the GuppY package all other similar scripts that are removed from the package for lack of tracking and updating.

All this will be detailed in the Config Unite Gallery tutorial for GuppY 5.

You can choose from 10 different themes:

  • Tiles - Columnsgylogo.png
  • Tiles - Justified
  • Tiles - Nested
  • Tiles - Grid
  • Carrousel
  • Theme - Default
  • Theme - Compact
  • Theme - Grid
  • Theme - Slider
  • Theme - Videos

The tutorial will cover the themes one by one to detail the configuration and customization possibilities.

Some recommendations for creating a Unite Gallery slideshow in this order:

  1. Manage galleries for the creation of a gallery,
  2. Manage photos to import the necessary photos including for videos,
  3. Configure galleries to first select the theme, check the Defaults check box, save the default settings, then rebuild the thumbnails,
  4. Back to Manage Photos for comments and settings (external link for photos, video type, code or video address for Theme - Videos)
  5. Config galleries again to finish the setting, customize it if necessary, and save,
  6. A click on Show this theme and your gallery is displayed in a new tab.

Please note:

 - All themes are functional, with the original default values, your gallery will be displayed. A few small customizations for an adaptation to your skin will be necessary.

 - The Unite Gallery galleries are independent galleries, the display can only be done with a menu box (to be created), menu options with the links photorama2. php, when you click Show this theme, you have this url:, only this part is necessary for the menu option to create: photorama2. php?

 -  A demo gallery with the 10 themes is available, you will find at the bottom of each page of the tutorial, a link to display the theme..

Tutorial by Papinou and Saxbar for the GuppY Team - November 2017 - CeCILL Free License

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