LS Slideshow Display

After configuring your slideshow, now you have to display it!!

Of course you can see the result of your configuration by clicking on View Text Slideshow:


But you must see that you still have a little bit of work to do to customize your text.


GuppY does not yet know how to generate your text automatically!!

You will have to copy/paste the code in a document (free box, article...) and modify on the line of the h2 tag the title of the 1st slide by replacing Text 1 with your title.

Then in the paragraph between the p tags, you replace the text with your text. You have to do it for each text slide, it's not too complicated, just take your time!

You must arrive at a display like this screenshot that corresponds to the configuration described in this tutorial.

GuppY 5.02.02

We are pleased to present GuppY 5.02.02, the 100th version of GuppY.

And this release comes just a few days before GuppY's 15th birthday, the first version of miniPortail was released on December 30,2002 and named GuppY on September 24,2003.

Thank you to aldweb its creator, thank you to all participants in the GuppY adventure.

In addition to the improvements for this release 5.02.02, you will find two important new features:
integration of the jQuery Unite-Gallery plugin including the administration part.
integration of the jQuery Liquid Slider plugin including the administration part.

Many thanks to Saxbar for these integrations, many thanks to the participants of this version.


Unite-Gallery is a jQuery responsive plugin, for photo and video galleries. This powerful and fast gallery has all the necessary features, responsive, responsive to touch and even a zoom effect.
Responsive - adapts to each screen with automatic ratio preservation and can respond to screen size change, Touch - All parts of the gallery can be controlled by touch devices,
Skinnable - Ability to easily change skin in different css files without touching the main css gallery,
Themes - several themes, each theme has its own options and features, but it uses the gallery's basic objects,
Zoom Effect - a unique zoom effect that can be applied within the buttons, mouse wheel, or a pinch-to-touch motion,
Theme Video - from: Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5, Wistia.

Liquid Slider

Liquid Slider is a Slider jQuery Responsive, which means creating it with the aim of adapting to all terminals and therefore to different screen sizes.

It presents CSS3 transitions, uses "animate. css", dynamic drag-and-drop navigation, and more,

Powerful, easy to use and fast. It is fully responsive and fully adaptable to changes in width and orientation, using modern CSS3 animations to force hardware acquisition on mobile devices, you'll never have to worry about slow or fast transitions.

Caution: If you want to display several Liquid Slider slideshows, you must modify the two occurrences of the ID ("lstext-1") of each additionnal slideshow to avoid a conflict with the previous one(s).

To do this, replace lstext-1 by lstext-2, then lstext-3 ...

Good luck to test all the possibilities of Liquid Slider and nice text slideshows on your websites!!

Tutorial by Papinou and Saxbar for the GuppY Team - December 2017 - CeCILL Free License

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