Contact - Configuration form

Contact - Configuration form

In the settings pane, when you click this icon: Configuration contact you arrive on the configuration page Contact form.
By clicking on the  icon Edit next to a form, you can modify its content. This page is divided into 3 parts: Contact by email, Contact by phone and Contact by mail.

Contact by email :


In this section, you will  be able to indicate the wording of the Contact box, add different email recipients with their responsibility, you do so directly in the two languages.

When the four initial fields are filled, you save the form and you open it again. Two additional fields are added to each record. A note to the webmaster, it is possible to copy an email address.


For email of the sender, the pre-selection is made, the name field and email field is mandatory and there is no other choice.


In this section, you will choose the names of the fields, they are mandatory or not, whether they are displayed or not. The choices are important to allow customization of the form.

Below is the screenshot of the end of this section:


Note, the message field is mandatory and can not be changed.

A "Attach File", you can add the number of attachments to the message in accordance with the maximum size allowed by your host files ..

To conclude this section, you can request a receipt by checking the corresponding box.

Warning: Do not forget to Config services enable a capcha to protect you from spammers.

Contact by phone :


If you select "Call", you specify the time where it is possible to join you and your or your telephone.

Contact by letter :


If you select "Contact by mail", you specify the time and address.

The form configuration is complete, do not forget clicking "Save config".

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