Banishment definitions

Banishment definitions

In the General Management page, clicking this icone  Banishment definitions  will allow you to specify banishment criterias.

Banishment definitions

You can:

  • Add a banishment definition
  • Modify a banishment definition
  • Deactivate a banishment definition
  • Delete a banishment definition
  • Choose a rejection criteria
  • Choose actions to be taken on a rejection

Choosing rejection criterias:

  • IP address
  • host
  • agent

Choosing rejection actions:

  • text of the rejection message
  • rewriting Url which the unwanted visitor will be sent to.

Note : You may use all or some of denying criterias as well as the actions to be taken on them.

Finding out logging in intruder's criterias?

  • You will find these criterias in the supervision emails sent by your website when you have activated the service and chosen the supervision options.
  • You will also find all or some of this information in the log

Note 2 :  administrators et webmasters are strongly advised to receive this supervision which let them know everything that goes on their site and take any advisable steps as soon as possible.

Role and methodology of banishing:

  • Banishing is the strongest action that can be taken against an intruder. It aims at denying access to the site contrary to blacklisting which aims at preventing posting on the site .
  • Beware to use this function carefully and wisely. Mind not to block all users of a domain by mistake or all those who use such or such browser. E.g. Don't block you own IP address!


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