When you click this icon: Blog you get to the administration page of the blog.

It is on this page that you can see posts or write new ones (i.e. contents of the blog).

  • All the posts link: Displays all posts already written.
  • Write a post link: allows ... to write a new post.

It is possible to execute other operations on already written posts:

dupliquer duplicating posts

cacher Hide/show posts : it will show in the blog section.

supprimer Ticking here means deleting. It will not clutter the list anymore, but can still be restored.

Tick the desired operations and click the yellow button "Execute selected operations"


Please Note:

This last operation "remove from list" is reversible! To do this, go to: General Administration/Maintenance, you permanently delete by clicking or you restore inactive status content (RSS, comments, blog posts, articles, news ...) that you previously no longer wanted to have in your list.

Sorting posts

4 different sorting options are available:

Ascending sorting on number ID - Descending sorting on ID number
Ascending sorting on descriptions - Descending sorting on the descriptionss

By default, tickets are ranked in ascending sorting by descriptions

Each post is assigned a Number: the ID Number.

Clicking on descending sorting by ID number, will ease the finding of the last note written, and allow making changes in the content, duplicating or deleting it from the list.

Write a new post

Click on the link "Write a post in the blog".

You get to the editorial page of the post:


To write the post, click in CKEditor text window.

Do not forget to click the yellow button "Save" to ... Save your entry!    Button_Save.jpg

Note:  the "Private group restricted access " option will only be active if you have taken care of configuring private groups in the "Members Area Management" in "General Administration/Managing Groups" Gestion des groupes


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