Blog comments

Blog Comments

All visitors can leave a comment about a post in blog section of your site.

When you click this icon : Commentaires Blog

it takes you to the page: Admin - Manage the Blog

Please Note : in the General Management, Admin "Config services" Config services, you enable internet users to leave or not  comment. This comment will or will not show at once according to the supervision settings you will have done in the General Admin - Services configuration

On this page you will view your visitors' comments.

  • Click the link All messages  to show all comments.

Other actions ca be performed on the comments :

  • cacher Display comment; it will then show in the Blog section under the post as a link "1 comment"
  • supprimer remove from the list, so that it won't show any more.

You may tick the actions you fancy and click on the yellow button "Perform the selected actions". Button_perform_selected_actions.jpg

Please Note :

This is the place where you definitively delete [delete] or restore [restore] (in inactive status) the contents (papers, news...) that you have previously decided not to use anymore in the other sections.
Be careful : the deleting operation is irreversible ! !

Sorting comments

4 differents sorting orders are available.

Upward sorting by ID number - Downward sorting by ID number
Upward sorting by descriptions - Downward sorting by descriptions

Each comment is assigned a number: the ID number.

By default, comments are sorted according to a Downward sorting from ID number.

Downward sorting by ID number, allows to retrieve latest post and be able to do changes in the contents, or remove it from the list:


Sorting by description allows to retrieve comments by categories of blog posts::


Reading and/or modifying a comment

Click the comment ID you fancy modifying.

This will take you to the comment modification page:  


Don't forget to click the yellow button "Save" in order to ... Save what you've just written !   Button_Save.jpg


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