Blog RSS feed

Blog RSS feed

In this tutorial, we'll go into two possibilities with regard to the RSS Feed :

  1. Offer your visitors to subscribe to RSS feeds straight from your site blog.
  2. Allow your visitors to follow the news from other blogs by inserting an RSS feed box into your site.
  3. Where can you find RSS feeds?

1. You can offer your visitors to subscribe to the RSS feed of your blog.

RSS feed :

 "Really Simple Syndication", also known as RSS. This file is offered to its visitors by a website or a blog. In this file are grouped the title and content of the latest articles or blog entry or news, and a link to go to the website in question, also called RSs thread.

The purpose of the implementation of the RSS feeds on your website or blog is to keep your visitors informed when they subscribe to this feed for updates and nouveautés.

When a visitor subscribes to the RSS feed of your blog, news will be displayed in their browser when they click on the next icon (e.g. in the bookmarks menu in Firefox)

Exemple of a browser bookmark  in Firefox with various RSS feed subscriptions:


How to proceed ?

It is necessary to activate the service RSS

- Go to "General Administration", "Services Config " Services Config . Config services  "RSS Service" section .

- Tick:

  • Blog publishing (RSS standard format):

and on the next line please specify:

  • Blog publishing (RSS standard format):at standard RSS)

the number of posts to be displayed (default is 10)

- Save.

Now your visitors can subscribe to the RSS feed of your blog, that is indicated by the icon at the top of the post:

2.  You can allow your visitors to follow the news on other blogs than yours using your RSS feeds,

without however having to go to those sites at all.

in other words, your visitors can read what's new in these other blogs, while remaining on yours:
RSS feeds

How to proceed?
Note : In administration, Sections config Config sections Boxes config, look for line : • RSS Box : you may here choose a name for your RSS box; default name is"News of Friends". 
In the admin section, click "Skin Configuration", then "Boxes config" (=boxes location),Config boîtes, you must choose the Left-hand Boxes or Right-hand Boxes column to activate the box "Blog Friends'posts" so that it is visible to visitors.

By doing so, you enable users to view directly on your site RSS blog feeds you have chosen.

- Click the "Data Management" tab, then click this icon:Blog RSS "Blog RSS feeds"

You will get to the administration page of blogs RSS feeds.

It is on this page that you visit the RSS blogs, and RSS feeds available on your site.

  • The link "All blog RSS feeds" displays all blogs RSS feeds.

You may execute other actions on RSS Blogs Feeds.

  • cacher Show the RSS blog; ticking the blue icon screen turns it to black. Visitors will not see this RSS feed link anymore.
  • supprimer Ticking here means deleting the News. It will not clutter the RSS list anymore, but can still be restored.

Tick the desired actions and click the yellow button "Execute selected operations"  Bouton_Execute_selected_actions.jpg

Please Note:

This last operation "remove from list" is reversible! To do this, go to: General Administration/Maintenance, you permanently delete by clicking [] or you restore [] in inactive status content (RSS, comments, blog posts, articles, news ...) that you previously no longer wanted to have in your list.

Sorting RSS blogs

4 different sorting options are available:

Ascending sorting on number ID - Descending sorting on ID number
Ascending sorting on descriptions - Descending sorting on the descriptions

Each inserted RSS Blog is assigned a number: The ID number.

By default, blogs are classified according to a RSS descending sorting on ID number

Descending sorting on the ID number, allows to find the latest RSS blog inserted to make changes in the content, or delete it from the list.

Description sorting allows to find RSS blogs by alphabetical order of categories.

Inserting an RSS Blog:

Click the link "Insert Blog RSS feed"

You get to the page where you can insert the RSS feed:

  • in the field "Name of site"

simply type in the name of the website (or blog) sending RSS feed.

  • in the field "Address of RSS file"

type in or paste the URL of the RSS feed

Do not forget to click the yellow button "Save" to ... Save your entry!     Button_Save.jpg

3. BUT WHERE can you find the URLs of RSS feeds, blogs or websites that you want to provide your visitors with?

  • In a GuppY site, if the service is available (as we have seen, it is up to the webmaster), simply click this icon   that one in the blog section. By clicking the icon, you arrive on the feed page. Copy the feed address above in the URL address bar of your browser and then paste it into the "Address of the RSS file" seen above.
  • All sites or news blogs, web newspapers offer this. Similarly, copy the RSS feed address and paste it.
  • There are also specialised directories in the presentation of RSS feeds from various sites or blogs. These are categorised, then alphabetically. The RSS feed address is clearly marked. Suffice it to copy / pasteinto the insert page blogs RSS as described above.


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