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GuppY version

GuppY Version

Click this icon    Version de GuppY   Généralities to see GuppY version number.


You can choose the version of GuppY you use on your site and the information if a new version is available with the release date.

To switch from 6.00.00 to 6.00.01, the non-cumulative patch is recommended. After applying the non-cumulative patch, you will get this answer from the server. Your GuppY site is up to date!

We can never say it enough: It is much easier to patch with each release of version with the Install function of GuppY.

To switch from 6.00.00 to 6.00.03, the cumulative patch containing all changes since 6.00.00 will be required.



Warning: at Free and on some OVH servers, you will get this answer. It simply means that the Free server or the OVH server did not respond to GuppY's request.

GuppY has no possibility to modify this non-response of the server.


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