Admin protection

Admin protection

Click this icon     Protection admin    in the Generalities tab you can access the configuration of the protection of access to Admin


You add the nickname member of the main administrator, his password, you repeat his password.
Then you select the method by referring to the recommendations of your host, usually the classic method. Then click on Add main admin.

The admin protection for the main administrator is added, but also automatically that of the secondary administrator and any employees with the necessary rights.

If the primary administrator, secondary administrator or collaborator changes their password, their admin protection will be automatically updated. Then to add collaborators, simply click on Add collaborators.

The choice of methods concerns the syntax of the.htaccess required depending on the server:

Classic method: the vast majority, the syntax of the.htaccess is selected from several possibilities
Free servers method: a syntax of the.htaccess particular to Free servers
Specific method: the other two methods do not work. It is necessary to ask the host to indicate the syntax of the.htaccess to be set up

Protection admin

If you tick Specific method, a new part is displayed where you must paste the syntax specified by your host for the operation of the admin.htaccess.


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