Welcome to GuppY Help Center

Assistance in the making of your site.

It was our friend and former member of the GuppYTeam, Kévin alias Killer, whom we greet in passing, who had the idea of creating this site, the

"GuppY Help Centrer"

Then Kévin left us because of incompatible professional activity. His idea nevertheless germinated and is born at the same time as this superb Version 5 of GuppY

In this section you can find:

  • FAQs based on your experience, and organised according to themes.
  • The online help (accessible from the admin of your Guppy).
  • Tutorials available for downloading.

These aids will not be all present, finalised or translated at the release of this great Guppy V5 version.

If you do not find the answer to your questions, please ask them on the forum freeguppy.org.

Very important!

  • It is strongly advised to think carefully before using the url rewrite (url rewriting), in fact it is very difficult to go back as many links are dead in this case.
  • To migrate a Version 4.6.x <4.6.28 to 5.02.XX and later version, you must pass through security data through the mill available for download> Miscellaneous on freeguppy.org.

  • To migrate to version 6, you must be in version 5.03.03 imperatively.

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