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GuppY Help Center

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Welcome to GuppY Help Center


Assistance in the making of your site.

It was our friend and former member of the GuppYTeam, Kévin alias Killer, whom we greet in passing, who had the idea of creating this site, the

"GuppY Help Centrer"

Then Kévin left us because of incompatible professional activity. His idea nevertheless germinated and is born at the same time as this superb Version 5 of GuppY

In this section you can find:

These aids will not be all present, finalised or translated at the release of this great Guppy V5 version.

If you do not find the answer to your questions, please ask them on the forum freeguppy.org.

GuppY V6

GuppY 6

Community GuppY


GuppY 6 Help online

General overview



General management


Data management

GuppY6 Documentation

Config Look Tutorial

Migrate GuppY6

Wamp Install tutorial

Upgrade skin v5 to skin v6

Tuto RGPD Declaration

Tutorial TigerProtect

FAQ GuppY v 5

Here you will find FAQs on Guppy version 5.

A friendly management

Blog and news

Boxes and menus



Items and categories


Migrate to version 4.6

Migrating Version 5.03.xx

Options menu


Rights and Chmods

FAQ system

These FAQs address issues related to hosting and the system in general.

Error messages

Fight spam

Install the site Guppy 5.02.xx


Redirect to a new site

Save the site

Securing your website


In this box you will find documentation and tutorials

Docs and Tutorials

Plugins tutorial

Tuto GuppY o2switch

Tuto config mobile

Tuto sending mails

Tuto translation lang files

Tuto update skins GuppY

Tutorial Config LS

Tutorial Config UG

Tutorial Config look

Tutorial Designation of admins

Tutorial GDRP compliance

Tutorial Sample-Form

Online help GuppY 5

General overview



General management


Data management


Here you will find important information regarding regulations and copyright



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