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GuppY 6 is a new major evolution of GuppY, based on a "mobile-first" development with the integration of Bootstrap and the use of its possibilities to code a perfectly responsive web site.

Your site will adapt to all screen sizes with a rendering optimized for each device, more modern, more airy with the Font Awesome font rendering and the addition of icons that will bring a more professional touch to your pages.

As always, GuppY 6 can be installed on all Internet hosts (or almost all), the only constraint is that your host must provide the PHP scripting language service. To work, GuppY needs PHP 5.6 at least.

No need to know anything about HTML, MySQL database configuration, PHP, GuppY offers you a complete and secure administration interface to manage the look and feel of your site and the content of the different sections of your site.

To help you we have put online :

  1. the GuppY Help Center which gathers online help, FAQ and tutorials, do not hesitate to consult it !
  2. In the online help, in each section in admin, you have in the upper right corner, an icon (question mark), click on this icon and the help of the section is displayed.
  3. In other cases, it is a tutorial that will detail the steps to follow.

    Read the documentation CAREFULLY before asking a question on the GuppY forum available on the GuppY web site (

GuppY offers all the classical functionalities of a modern web portal:

- news, articles, blog, link directory, downloads, photo slideshow, guestbook, forum, FAQ, visit counter, click and download counter, newsletter, administration area, private groups, address rewriting, etc.

GuppY brings an ORIGINAL management with high added value

- in addition to being natively MULTI-LANGUAGE, it optionally offers a BILINGUAL presentation of the content, with a choice of the 2 display languages (but it is up to you to make the translations of course),

- with version 6, the whole site public side as well as admin side is fully responsive automatically, you just have to think about the most important: the content !!!


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