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The settings of your site:

  1. Start by logging in as a member of your site by putting your username and password in the Member Area box, and click Submit,
  2. The "Admin" icon is displayed in the menu bar. Click on the icon to access the site administration.

First essential action :

In "Configurations" click on the icon "Config.General" to check that the URL field of the site is filled with the exact address of the site (ex :

  • GuppY will propose you the right url, provided by your server, a click on the arrow to select it .
  • GuppY then fills the field with the right address .
  • Save the configuration with the field filled correctly.

The administration of your site :

Still in the general configuration, you add or not a second language, you check the CHMOD, GuppY proposes them to you, a click on the arrow to select them.
Then you go to Webmaster info, you fill in the field Webmaster name, at Webmaster email you must imperatively put an email from the domain. This is mandatory for the authentication of emails from your site.

Don't forget to check the PHP E-mail box, before going to Copyright GuppY, you have three lines to read and nothing to do!
It is the recognition of our voluntary work, we ask you to respect it and to respect the CeCILL license.

Now you can see the 6 headings of the drop-down menu of the administration page, when you pass the mouse pointer, each heading opens and the icons of the heading are displayed.

All the management of the administration of your site is grouped in the headings, you will find on the GuppY Help Center all the necessary explanations, all the advices to help you to configure your site.

Don't worry, take the time to read the documentation, to discover the whole Admin part of GuppY, the normal functioning of your site at your expense.
On the forum, if you don't succeed, you will always find someone to help you to configure the site.

Please note : With GuppY 6, the Admin part is totally independent from the other pages.


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