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The Free Software

In the free software, the FreeGuppY association is a member of the April - Association to promote free software and the Aful - Association to promote free software, especially operating systems (such as GNU-Linux or free BSD).

Pioneer of free software in France
, April has been since 1996 a major player in the democratization and dissemination of free software and open standards to the general public, professionals and institutions in the French-speaking world.

In the digital age, it also works to raise public awareness of the dangers of the exclusive appropriation of information and knowledge by private interests.

The association is made up of individuals, companies, associations and organizations from very diverse backgrounds who come together around the values of the free market.

AFUL :logo-aful.png

Since 1998,
AFUL has been promoting free software, especially operating systems (such as GNU-Linux or free BSD), and helping to disseminate open standards.

The AFUL is a non-profit organization (association under the 1901 law), which brings together users, professionals, companies and other organizations located in more than ten French-speaking countries and regions (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Quebec, French-speaking African countries, etc.).

The AFUL is a privileged contact to join the French-speaking community of free software.

The Board of the freeGuppY association renews the association's membership in April and Aful every year.

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