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Banner: flash banner shrunk.

Flash banner

How surprising! GuppY has shrunk my banner! To get it actually displayed with its true dimensions, you must edit the inc/ file on line 64, and replace width="468 " height="60 " by the banner dimensions, e.g. 950 x 120 :

Code : <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="<?php echo $img; ?>" width="950" height="120" class="flashban" title="<?php echo $alt; ?>">

Beware :
- This size will apply to any other flash banner.
- No consequence on gif or animated gifs (the banners ont this site are all the same size : 468 x 60)
- With such a banner as in the exemple, adding a logo can bring display problems.
- This modification will need re-doing when upgrading to new Guppy version.

Creation date : 05/02/2010 @ 00:07
Category : - Images
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