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Can GuppY be used in a professional context ?

One question that is often asked is whether GuppY can be used for professional or semi-professional uses.
We are very happy to see that professionals are interested in GuppY's functionalities.

GuppY is freely distributed without any kind of payment in exchange. The team is made up of people who work freely on their free time and who are passionate about what they do. Whatever use you make of GuppY, you will never have to pay for it.

In "free software" phylosophy, it is accepted that you can make a donation to the project, if you like the software, or if you make use of it in a professional or commercial context. It is your choice whether or not you wish to make a donation. Link to the donation page: here
This is why we, in general, invite system integrators, professional or not, to make a donation per site they create. This helps us , in part, ensure the GuppY project's existance: development and user support. The amount and frequency of the donation is left up to you.

Donating to the project does not give you the right to not display the copyright at the bottom of each page of the site created with GuppY. You can, of course, modify it to suit the graphic charter of your website, as any user of our CMS.
Professionals who wish to use the the source code or part of the source code of GuppY, without displaying the copyright, must negotiate this type of use with the Guppy Team. We do not sell our volunteer developpers' work cheap, so the contribution could be expensive.

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