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Difference between patch and migrate

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Difference between patch and migrate

A patch should be applied to update a given major version.

for example :

  • From 4.6.27 to Version 4.6.28 must be applied non-cumulative patch 4.6.28
  • The 4.6.14 version 4.6.28 must apply the cumulative patch 4.6.28

Generally :

  • Must apply a non-cumulative patch when a minor version we move to the next higher minor version.
  • Must apply a cumulative patch when a minor version is a minor version changes to more than one unit.

Note: Sometimes, when minor changes are made, a non-cumulative patch can be applied for two or three successive indications of a minor version. This was the case for versions 4.6.26, 4.6.27, 4.6.28 to 4.6.27-1 release. In this exceptional case, it is very clear in the download area.

Migration must be made when moving from a main release, see majeure, another version of the same type.

  • This will be the case for moving from 4.6.28 to version 5.0.0

Then the next patch will be non-cumulative patch 5.0.1

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