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How to create an article

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Before creating your article, you need to ask the question of its display.

  • You want to integrate a menu box : the menu does exist?
  1. YES, then I note his name , I will specify when creating my article.
  2. NO, we must first create it.
  • You want to display with a link to another document. Create your item simply " Uncategorized " and "Out menu ." In the document create the link to the desired text .

After you create your document, you will not find in the desired menu. Do not panic .

In design mode , when recording the menu is created automatically with the parameters indicated in the article.
In this case, you probably do forget a parameter . Here are the steps to take :


  • Go to the list of items and look at the number in the white rectangle. If it is 0, no doubt the menu has not been created. So the solution is to create it yourself.
  • This number is 1. You hover the mouse and you know right away what your menu item belongs. Normally this is the right option is listed . Click it and you go to its definition. Check all parmètres if necessary true.
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