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Plugins url-rewriting

Address rewriting is taken into account in GuppY 5.0.

It is implemented this way:

In the data/config/rules folder, a file containing the rules is placed in the data/config/rules folder, it will be loaded at the same time as the GuppY rules.

the rules are written like this:

RewriteRule ^plugins/mon_plugin/([a-z]{2})-(mon_sigle-1)$ plugins/mon_plugin/mon_script.php?lng=$1 [L]

For example, if you want to place a button in the menu, in plugins/my_plugin/plugin. inc you declare the address as follows:

$plugin_bar_url = $site['URLR'] == 'on' ? 'plugins/mon_plugin/'.$lng.'-mon_sigle-1' : 'mon_script.php?lng='.$lng;

We add as many rules as necessary following this principle.

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