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Titles central boxes



  • Background: background color that will be displayed under the title, here #60C4EA,
         - Opacity: 1, no transparency, this means that the background of the title will be the color chosen,
  • Background image title: you can select an image, by default: X+Y when there is no definition for Repeat,
  • Fonts (type of texts): the type of texts, you can choose between 7 families of fonts, here the second one is selected,,,
         - Style: choice of options, here bold text for the title,
         - Size: in the example 16px, you can also choose a size slightly larger than in the skin,
         - Text color: the color must be adapted to the background color,
         - Alignment: any of the 3 options, here Align left,
  • External margins: 10px 10px 10px 0 10px, no external margins at the bottom, unless you want a space between the title and the body of the box.
  • Internal margins: 5px, a 5px padding around the title,
  • Borders: you indicate the color of the border for the border, for this skin #60C4EA,
         - Border size: 0px, no borders
         - Style: You select a style from the 8 styles proposed,
  • Radius of rounded corners: a size in pixels, e. g. 6px, this will depend on the size of the area. 0px, no rounded corners.

Watch out! Watch out!  Do not put a size too large, to display the long titles of the forum topics.


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