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  1. If you want to modify your style. css file, do it with Config look, no manual modification is possible, it would be overwritten by the style generation.
  2. To customize your skin, do it by adding it to the styleplus. css file, it is there for that and your customizations will be kept. Attention it must be limited to the modifications essential for your skin.
  3. If you want to set a background image to TopBoxes, you must calculate the height of TopBoxes according to the boxes you have selected in Boxes at the top of Config boxes. Then you will customize the background display in the styleplus if the repetition should be X or Y.
  4. For the tutorial, you have the classic horizontal menu and the lateral navigation menu, it's for the example. On a production site you select only one.
  5. For the horizontal drop-down menu, in the last column on the right, if you put sub-categories, they should not be displayed beyond the width of the page. See the horizontal drop-down menu position for skn5_maskin02 and the Technical category.
  6. The customization of the GuppY 5 slider corresponds to the CSS of the FB394 free box in the stylecss file, that of the Photorama box to the. photobox CSS,
  7. For photo galleries, the layout of the thumbnail display is customized to. phimg for framing and shading the thumbnails in the. css style file.
  8. For the associations of colors, this link, a site among many others but its simplicity of use is a plus.
    To update a GuppY skin compatible with config look, a click on Save configuration in Config Look is required, the.css style will be generated automatically, then return to Home page and F5 or Ctrl+F5 to refresh the page as many times as necessary.
  9. You are using a skin of the GuppY package dating from a version prior to version 5.01.06, you must replace the mobstyle. css by the mobstyle. css of the GuppY package 5.02.00. Several changes have been made to the mobstyle. css file.
  10. To be compatible with GuppY 5.03.XX, all skins must be adapted including the styleplus.css and mobstyle.css files of each skin,
  11. For the file styleplus.css, if you have not added any customizations, you can also replace it with the one of skn5_maskin02 or with the one of a skin of the GuppY 5.03.XX pack,
  12. For the file mobstyle.css, to have a correct display, you must modify it by taking as an example the one of skn5_maskin02 or replace it by the mobstyle.css of a skin of the GuppY 5.03.XX pack.

If you have followed the tutorial correctly, your skin must be totally up to date and functional for GuppY 5.03.XX!!!

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