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Config Links-Tiles

In all the Tiles: Tiles_Column_Tiles, Roof Tiles, Tiles-Mixed Tiles, Grill Tiles and Carousel galleries, you have the possibility to put an external link on each tile.

We have not used this possibility, here is a gallery to show you an example of tiles with an external link.

In each Tiles gallery, in Tile Design Options, you will find the 3 lines of the screenshot below:


Tile as an external link is not activated, we will activate it:


At the bottom of the page, click on Edit comments to fill in the field "Address for external link" and then click on the text to be displayed in the main and secondary language fields if necessary.

Voici le résultat :


All photos have an external link and commentary in both languages.

We will configure the text display on each tile in Tile Text Panel Options:


  • Tile text panel activated: it is checked for activation,
  • Text panel always displayed: Check for activation.


  • Text panel type: to the selection between Drag and Fade,
  • Text panel position: to the selection Interior Bottom, Interior Top, Interior Center, Interior Top, Interior Bottom,
  • Opacity of the text panel: by default 0.4, pay attention to transparency with the photo if you increase,
  • Text panel background color: By default #00000000, you can change the color.

By following this tuto, you must arrive at this display:


To note:

When hovering over the middle tile, you have on the left the icon to display the tile in large format and on the right the icon to display the external link.

Configuration is complete!!


Tutorial by Papinou and Saxbar for the GuppY Team - November 2017 - CeCILL Free License

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