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Clicking this icon: Agenda takes you to the administration page of the calendar tool.

This module allows you to manage events scheduled on particular dates.

In the calendar box, visitors can view the scheduled events month by month or day by day .
This calendar remains simple though: it includes times, but not multi-day events.
Here is an example of a displayed event :

To add an event, click on "Add an Event."
On the calendar, select the desired date.

Fill in the form as follows:

  1.     Choose the "Active" or "Inactive"state of Event
  2.     Select the group which this private event is assigned to (leave "- No -" to make it public)
  3.     Editor's user name (automatically filled in with your member name if you are registered on the site)
  4.     The beginning and end of the event
  5.     The repetition of the event if necessary by selecting the desired range, then the frequency, and please do not forget to enter the end of repetition in the format YYYY-MM-DD.

Enter descriptive text of event into editing window.

Events can of course be removed, altered or hidden.


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