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Icons menu

Icons Menu

In the administration area, click STRUCTURE tab to go to the admin area that allows you to deal with the icon menu, the menu boxes and options, dropdown menu boxes and their options. Clicking this icon Menu Icônes will take you to the page Manage the additional menu icons.

This feature of GuppY allows you to create and add extra icons to the default ones in the navigation menu of your site. Each icon matches an internal or external URL in your site.

Please note : Menu icons already available by default in Guppy are to be activated or deactivated, named or renamed in Sections Config. Services related to these icons are to be activated and configured in Services Config .

You may create personal icons.

Example : a menu with icons chosen in the standard Guppy package.

Icons menu in Guppy

The same menu, with extra personal icon.

Icons menu with extra personal icon

Creating a new menu icon

In the example : Create your website will point to site.

Click Create a menu option.

Different menus and input fields are provided to allow :

Programming publication of the box (if activated).

Start date OR end date in format YYYYMMDDhhmnmn (Year, Month, Day, hour and minutes)

Programmed publication

Type in the writer's username and their email address.

Restricting or not access to  a private group. This is where you can restrict access of this box to members belonging to a particular group you have beforehand specified "General management" / "Group management"

Restricted access to private group

Entering an ID which you assign to this first icon.

In this example : 00. This number allows you to display your personal icons sorted according to a specified order.

Entering ID number

Give a name to this icon.

Give a name to the icon

Entering the url of the link.

This is the external link to FreeGuppy's website

Entering the URL adress

Inserting an icon for this menu option. You can choose en icon that will fit in next to the optionname; to do this, click the button Browse the server. Ib our example, there is no icon.

Choosing a page configuration in which the new menu icon will be visible. Scroll down the list of principal and secondary pages.

  • By default : al pages. The icon will show in all pages, the main one as well as all the secondary pages.
  • Principal : visible only on the main page
  • demo jQuery : visible only in this secondary page
  • Online Help: visible only in this secondary page

Please note : secondary pages are to be created in Boxes Config and allow offering extra content while keeping display clear in the side columns of the site.

Select the configuration pages

Choosing display type to open up a link (here Let's choose in a new window

Choice of opening of the link

Eventually, Don't forget to click the SAVE BUTTON to achieve... saving.

Adding another extra icon:

Adding another extra icon

Icon Tutorials which for instance, will point to an article on your site .

The example has been created beforehand; it bears no.ID 438 (These articles have been stored in the articles section of the "Data management" tab. They are sorted into a list and have been assgned a no.ID)

Enter a new no.ID for this icon: 01

It will fit in after the icon ID 00 Creating you website.

Name this icon "Tutorials"

Enter link URL in field provided:


Id number

Changing display order of icons in the menu bar:

It suffices to change nos ID for every icon.

Showing Tutorial left of Creating your website:

Edit each icon and change their no.ID :

Icon Create you website : ID : 01

Icon Tutorials : ID : 00

Previous display:

Changing order of icons

New display :

Change order of icons


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